Crazy Taxi 2 (Sega Dreamcast, 2001) Complete With Manual


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Crazy Taxi 2 (Sega Dreamcast) Details

Genre: Racing
Release Date: May 28, 2001
ESRB Rating: Teen
Publisher: Sega
Developer: Hitmaker
Model Number: none
Disc Count: 1 game disc
Player Count: 1 player
Also Compatible On: none
Notes: none
UPC: 010086511369


Sega teams with Hitmaker once again to offer gamers another chance to become a virtual hack and “make some crazy money” in Crazy Taxi 2, the long-anticipated sequel to the original classic. While the driving grounds in the original game were based on San Francisco, the sequel’s territory is based on New York City. There’s a lot of ground to cover in this virtual Big Apple, as the city map in the sequel is significantly larger than those featured in the original game.  Crazy Taxi 2 features four brand new drivers: Hot-D, Slash, Iceman, and Cinnamon. Each new character has a distinct personality and extreme driving style to rival those of the cabbies that starred in the original game. Cabs are now equipped with hydraulics, which allow them to hop and jump around with relative ease. Cabbies can ferry more than one passenger at once in the version too, if they think there’s enough time to get everyone where they need to be. With new mini-games and challenges, the sequel puts a fresh spin on everything that made the original Crazy Taxi such a popular title.

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