Dragon Warrior (Nintendo NES, 1989) Cartridge Only

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Product Description

Dragon Warrior (NES) Details

Genre: RPG
Release Date: August 1, 1989
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Chunsoft
Model Number: #NES-DQ
Player Count: 1 player
Also Compatible On: none
Notes: none
UPC: 045496630379, 074299063497


Dragon Warrior for the NES was initially released as Dragon Quest for the Famicom in Japan. However, this name change wasn’t the only thing different about this NES game. Developer Chunsoft and publisher Enix made a few additional changes to this historic RPG series. The story is the same in the two titles, though. After the hero Erdrick is defeated and the Orb of Light lost, darkness descends upon the land. The evil Dragonlord rules the world with an iron fist, and his monsters are terrorizing characters everywhere. The good King Lorik of Tantegel Castle charges you and defeats the evil lord as well as rescues the kidnapped princess. Dragon Warrior for the NES is a unique role-playing game, as it’s incredibly open-ended. If the player wanted to, he or she could directly challenge the Dragonlord right away by storming his castle. However, the further from Tantegel Castle you get, the stronger the enemies become. You’ll need to complete quests and battle monsters to gain experience. Once you reach a certain level of experience, you’ll increase your level, gaining more health points, magic points, and attack power. Dragon Warrior, formerly Dragon Quest, is also unique in that the name you select at the beginning of the game dictates how you level up. The combination of characters used when creating your name lets the game know what ability scores to assign. There are even some name combinations that completely remove the enemies from the game. Your hero has no party members to accompany him; he only relies on his own abilities to complete his mission. This adds an extra layer of challenge to the game as you’ll often face off against multiple opponents at once. You’ll explore the world map using a top-down view. You can talk to townsfolk and search for items in your vicinity in this view. Combat in Dragon Warrior for the NES is a turn-based combat system. When in combat, the viewpoint switches to a first-person mode. In this view, you’ll be looking directly through the eyes of your character at the fearsome foes in front of you. These monsters range from Slimes and Wolfmen to dragons and creatures made of stone. After you select your command, combat begins. After both you and your enemies attack, a new round begins. Combat is over after you slay all your opponents or you fall in combat. If a battle is too difficult, you can run away. You can save your game directly to the cart in this version of the Nintendo title. The main character’s movements were also made easier in the U.S. version of the game.Dragon Warrior for the NES features an all-star cast of developers at its helm. The RPG game design was by Yuji Horii. The design of every monster is the work of Akira Toriyama. Last but not least, Koichi Sugiyama composed all of the music you hear in the video game. Dragon Warrior for the Nintendo Entertainment System launched a role-playing game franchise of over 10 video games. This title is one RPG adventure that every gamer needs to play at least once on their NES console.

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