Revenge of Shinobi (Sega Genesis, 1989) Sega Classics Edition No Manual

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Product Description

The Revenge Of Shinobi (Sega Genesis) Details

Genre: Action & Adventure
Release Date: December 2, 1989
ESRB Rating: none
Publisher: Sega
Developer: none
Model Number: none
Player Count: 1 player
Also Compatible On: none
Notes: none
UPC: 010086011050, 010086631050


Neither seen nor heard: master the art of the ninja with Revenge of Shinobi for Sega Genesis. Revenge of Shinobi was designed by Shizuoka Taro, directed by Noriyoshi Ohba, and released by Sega in 1989. It is a sequel to the game Shinobi, which was released in 1987 also by Sega and was a hugely popular arcade game. This game is single player and falls in the platform and “hack and slash” genres, with 16-bit graphics. This game also features a soundtrack composed by Yuzo Koshiro. Revenge of Shinobi takes place three years after its prequel game. The player takes on the role of Joe Musashi, a member of the legendary Oboro Ninja Clan. In this game, the player fights against the Neo Zeed Empire to avenge the death of his master and rescue his future wife, Naoko. The Neo Zeed Empire originally appeared as a totalitarian criminal organization in the first game as just “Zeed.” In the game Shinobi, this gang retreats but is resurrected for Revenge of Shinobi as the Neo Zeed Empire. This criminal organization is the arch nemesis of the Oboro Ninja Clan and their School of Ninjitsu. Joe arrives to find his master just as he takes his final breaths and is able to learn the secret location of the Neo Zeed. Joe embarks on his journey to rescue his girlfriend and destroy this criminal organization before they can cause more havoc. Joe travels through eight stages in the game, each in a different part of the world. Within these eight districts, there are three scenes: two platforming levels and the third being a battle against an enemy boss. Each boss has unique skills that Joe must adapt to in order to move forward through the game. While navigating Joe through each level within Revenge of Shinobi, the player can utilize a variety of ninjitsu techniques as well as various attack moves and the ability to jump. An important move that Joe can do is a somersault, which when done mid-air increases how high he jumps as well as give him the ability to throw up to eight shuriken throwing knives. The ninjitsu techniques that can be utilized are a key feature to be successful in this game. Only one is usable in each level, and they each provide a unique action. Jitsu of Ikazuchi surrounds Joe with a protective shield of lightning energy that protects against four consecutive hits of damage. Jitsu of Karyu creates four dragon-shaped columns of flames that zoom across the screen, destroying any enemies along the way. Jitsu of Fushin improves Joe’s jumping ability for the level. Jitsu of Mijin is a suicide technique where Joe explodes and destroys any enemies in the vicinity. Despite this suicide, Joe does resurrect immediately along with freshly restored health and ninjitsu ability. Once the player makes it through each stage, they are met with the leader of the Neo Zeed resides along with his captured girlfriend. If Joe succeeds in destroying the Neo Zeed, he can save the day for his love and for any future plots the criminal organization may have planned. Years after this game was originally released for Sega, it was rereleased for the Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation 3, and Microsoft Xbox 360 on their respective virtual download arcade networks. Owners of the classic Sega Genesis console should add this fun game to their collection.

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