Rugrats: Time Travelers (Nintendo Game Boy Color, 1999) Cart Only Authentic


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Rugrats Time Travelers (GameBoy Color) Details

Genre: Action & Adventure
Release Date: November 1, 1999
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Publisher: SPIG
Developer: none
Model Number: none
Player Count: 1 player
Also Compatible On: GameBoy Advance
Notes: none
UPC: 785138320397

Straight from the hit Nickelodeon television show (as well as their feature film debut) come those lovable Rugrats in Rugrats: Time Travelers. The babies have discovered a time machine and have scattered themselves throughout history. In each of 12 levels, the player must guide a different character in a search for a special toy, another baby, a certain number of items, or all three. Once the goal has been accomplished, the player must find the Time Travel Portal and head to the next level.

The game starts with Chuckie, all alone in a toy store. The other babies found the time machine here, and already and went through it. Chuckie was too scared to follow them, so he’s stuck in the store until he can find the toy lantern and transport himself to the late 1800s and the time of the Gold Rush. Tommy finds himself in ancient Egypt, while Phil starts out in the prehistoric era and Lil winds up in a magical fairy tale world. Angelica is in the circus, and Dil is lost in space.Players earn passwords as they finish the levels, allowing them to return to the same place the next time they play. Interspersed throughout the game are four bonus levels that can be accessed by collecting toy blocks with the letter “B” on them. While this cartridge works with both the Nintendo Game Boy Color and the original Game Boy, the extra levels are available only on the GBC.

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