Tiny Toon Adventures: Acme All-Stars (Sega Genesis, 1994) Complete


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Tiny Toon Adventures ACME All-Stars (Sega Genesis) Details

Genre: Action & Adventure
Release Date: January 1, 1994
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Publisher: none
Developer: none
Model Number: none
Player Count: 1 player
Also Compatible On: none
Notes: none
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They’re tiny. They’re toony. They may even be a little looney. Yet they’re all available for you to play as in Tiny Toon Adventures: Acme All-Stars. Buster Bunny and his group of friends are ready to prove their sporting skills by challenging Montana Max and his cohorts to a game of basketball or soccer (both games are three-on-three contests). Up to four players can play simultaneously with a Team Player adapter, and both games use a horizontal view of the field or court. The twelve characters you’ll be able to choose from include: Buster Bunny, Babs Bunny, Plucky Duck, Hamton, Montana Max, Elmyra, Shirley the Loon, Furrball, Fifi, Dizzy Devil, Calamity Coyote and Little Beeper. As you might expect given the license, the characters all have special techniques and power shots to use while playing. Both special techniques and power shots require a certain amount of energy to perform, represented by a power gauge at the bottom of the screen. Every time you use a special move, the power gauge will decrease and you’ll have to wait until it replenishes before using it again. Some of the various techniques you can use are: Buster Bunny’s Two-Eared-Sky-Force-Monster-Dunk, Hamton’s Rolly-Polly-Belly-Bump, Elmyra’s Lovey-Dovey Shot and Shirley the Loon’s Psychic Volley! Players who tire of soccer and basketball can also compete in three different sub-games: Obstacle Course, Bowling and Bop-A-Thon (similar to Whac-A-Mole). Tiny Toon Adventures: Acme All-Stars features three difficulty settings, multiple courts and fields (Stadium, Western, Downtown and Montana Max’s Playroom), and adjustable game times from two to five minutes per quarter or half.

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