We provide a 30-day warranty on any video games and 60-days for consoles and accessories that you would purchase from us. The warranty includes replacement, refund or repair for non-working items ONLY. We guarantee the products that we sell are in working condition and if at any point within 30 or 60 days (Depending on item) of purchase, your item stops working or a defect arises, we will let you return it for a refund, exchange or repair. Warranty does not include human error such as dropping, crushing, stepping on, water damage or anything of the likes. We will not accept a warranty return for reasons other than stated above such as buyer’s remorse, unsatisfied with purchase or you purchased the wrong item in error

Authenticity Guarantee

We guarantee the authenticity of anything we sell. We do not purchase, nor do we sell any reproduction games, consoles or cartridges. The only reproduction items we would ever sell are replacement controllers or other peripherals and accessories. This is why we only accept payment through PayPal, for the buyer’s protection. If any issues arise, PayPal will mediate to resolve the issue.

Return Policy

Because of the nature of this business, we will only accept returns for non-working items only. We will not accept returns for damage caused by the customer. If, in any case, we accept a return against this policy, a restocking fee will of 30% of the product cost will be applied (delivery fees will not be refunded). The only refunds we will give for damaged product is if the item was damaged in our local delivery process.

We Buy Games

We buy the same things that we sell. If you have something you would like to sell to us, please give us a call or contact us through email to schedule an appointment for an in-store quote. We will not make offers unless we can see and test the items that you are wanting to part with.