Retro Games eXchange Store Policies

Store Policies

This page also doubles as our terms page for delivery services.


We provide a 30-day warranty on any video games and 60-days for consoles and accessories that you would purchase from us. The warranty includes replacement, refund or repair for non-working items ONLY. We guarantee the products that we sell are in working condition and if at any point within 30 or 60 days (Depending on item) of purchase, your item stops working or a defect arises, we will let you return it for a refund, exchange or repair. Warranty does not include human error such as dropping, crushing, stepping on, water damage or anything of the likes. We will not accept a warranty return for reasons other than stated above such as buyer’s remorse, unsatisfied with purchase or you purchased the wrong item in error

Authenticity Guarantee

We guarantee the authenticity of anything we sell. We do not purchase, nor do we sell any reproduction games, consoles or cartridges. The only reproduction items we would ever sell are replacement controllers or other peripherals and accessories. This is why we only accept payment through PayPal, for the buyer’s protection. If any issues arise, PayPal will mediate to resolve the issue.

Return Policy

Because of the nature of this business, we will only accept returns on the day of purchase or for non-working items only. We will not accept returns for damage caused by the customer. If, in any case, we accept a return against this policy, a restocking fee of 30% of the product cost will be applied (delivery fees will not be refunded). The only refunds we will give for damaged product is if the item was damaged in the delivery process.

Consent To Phone Number And Email Use

By clicking that you agree to our terms of service, you agree for us to use your phone number and email address in a couple of very specific ways but only in the way we state here unless you check the box for marketing emails on checkout. You agree that we can use your phone number for text and email updates for delivery, which is essential for us to fulfil our service, and for our delivery drivers to be able to contact you in case they need more information to assist in delivery. You also agree that we can send you a review link upon completion of order to review our company on We will not use your information for any other purpose other than what is stated here.

We Buy Games

We buy the same things that we sell. If you have something you would like to sell to us, please give us a call or contact us through email to schedule an appointment for an in-store quote. We will not make offers unless we can see and test the items that you are wanting to part with.

Below is for information about our local delivery service.

We are in testing phase for a local delivery service, delivering retro video games, consoles and accessories in our direct area. We are in start-up mode and once our company grows, so will our capabilities. We have a small space that is unavailable for local pickup and shopping for the time being. We keep a small space to keep our area as compact as possible to pass the savings on to our customers. We will open up more as time goes on.

We would like to go over some rules for our delivery service that our customers should be aware of.

  • We only offer personal delivery to the following areas: Houston Texas, 77084 and Katy Texas, 77449. Any addresses outside of this area will not be able to purchase from our store for the time being. We will expand as we grow.
  • Local Delivery will be a standard $3.50 charge unless a coupon or sale is active. This is not a tip, this is a delivery fee. This may change as time goes on.
  • Delivery fees are on a per order basis, so if you buy one game or ten or even one hundred, the delivery fee will still be the same. We make effort to get to just one address, the most we could do is not over charge for it by making you pay for each item to be delivered to the same place. How much sense would that make?
  • We deliver next day, either in the morning or evening. All deliveries will be made before 9pm. This is subject to change. We will do everything we can to get your purchase to you the next day but we may have to push it another day depending on sales volume.
  • We are closed on Sundays and we will not respond to any emails or phone calls until the following Monday. This means we do not deliver on Sundays as well.
  • We may deliver same day if your item is purchased before 7:00am on weekdays. We cannot guarantee delivery on the same day at this time.
  • If you are in an apartment, we will leave your package in the office.
  • We are not responsible for stolen products. We do everything we can to make sure your products arrive safely and in good condition. We cannot use your mailbox. We will not deliver to your mailbox so please keep this in mind when you order.
  • Any special delivery instructions will need to be made on checkout if you want us to leave your package in a specific location.
  • The customer will be provided with photo proof of delivery.
  • By placing an order you agree to allow us to use your address to deliver purchased products to the address you provide.
  • You also agree that you will not cancel your order while the delivery is in progress.


  • The photo you see on our products page may not necessarily be the exact same item you receive. The photos are used a placeholders for later products of the same quality. Any quality defects of different items we have may be listed under different item SKU’s with notes stating its differences and a price difference. We work to get the best quality but sometimes people just want to play the games and a wrinkled manual or sun faded cover art may give it a lower price. We make it very clear the item that is being sold and guarantee the quality in the title and description.
  • Some items when on our website may not be the first run production, ie. Black Label compared to Red Label, “Greatest Hits” for Sony PlayStation 2 or Black and yellow “Players Choice” for Nintendo Gamecube. Any time a game is highly valuable, we will always list as one or the other. For low priced games, we may use first and second run copies on the same listings.